Happy Saturday of Father's Day Weekend!

Go out and do something nice for the dad in your life

Good morning! So great to see you. I am much more coherent today than I was a week ago, when I was writing to you high on hydrocodone after the nerve block wore off. That was an adventure. A quick knee surgery update, then we’ll get to the reason you’re here. Got my bandages off yesterday, things are looking good, still have to wear the brace for a while and can’t drive for the next several weeks, which will make seeing movies tricky. My friends have been wonderful about helping me get Nic to all the places he needs to go (although he’s offered to drive himself at age 14, so generous of him). Feeling optimistic!

His name is Blane? That’s a major appliance, that’s not a name!

This week at our Breakfast All Day YouTube channel, we’re wallowing in nostalgia:

  • BRATS. Few things cry out “us” quite like a documentary about the Brat Pack directed by Andrew McCarthy. The star of “Pretty in Pink,” “St. Elmo’s Fire” and so many beloved ‘80s movies explores the impact of that moniker with several other actors from that era: Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, Rob Lowe and more. It’s super navel-gazing, but this is a navel I’m also interested in gazing into. I probably still know every single line of dialogue from “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club.” If you loved these movies, too, you’ll love this. Streaming on Hulu.

  • INSIDE OUT 2. This sequel doesn’t pack quite the emotional wallop of the Oscar-winning, 2015 original, but it’s still extremely fun and very much worth taking the family to see. Riley is 13 and entering puberty, which brings a whole new range of emotions, including Anxiety (Maya Hawke) and Envy (Ayo Edebiri). Energetic voice performances, vividly gorgeous details, clever wordplay — it’s all the best stuff you expect from a Pixar movie. In theaters.

This is a very different movie from “Poor Things.”

  • KINDS OF KINDNESS. We’re super early on the latest from Yorgos Lanthimos because we couldn’t wait to talk about it. The Greek auteur reunites with several members of his “Poor Things” cast, including Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe, for a twisted triptych about love and control. This is a non-spoiler review — we’ll do a spoiler livestream in a couple of weeks once people have had a chance to see the film. Details on that coming soon. In limited release June 21 before going wider June 28.

  • MOVIE NEWS LIVE! We’re back after taking last week off for my surgery. It’s always a pleasure to see our folks out in the wild. Join us at our YouTube channel every Friday at Noon Pacific time.

And as always, all these reviews and conversations are available in podcast form through Apple and all the podcast places. Take us with you this weekend as you’re shopping for Father’s Day cards.

Say ahhh …

Also this week, I reviewed “Firebrand” for RogerEbert.com. The revisionist historical drama follows Katherine Parr (Alicia Vikander), the sixth and final wife of Henry VIII, as she secretly struggles to assert her religious and intellectual freedom. But the movie that reframes her legacy is only fitfully fiery itself. Jude Law actually steals the show as the corpulent and capricious king with a performance that’s at once hammy and terrifying. In theaters in limited release.

Will Colin discover Penelope’s secret?

“Bridgerton” is back … again! The second half of season three came out this week on Netflix, so of course we’ve resumed recaps on our Patreon. But! We’ve only watched episodes 5 and 6. We’ll do 7 and 8 next Friday, and we’re hoping to avoid seeing spoilers until then. Things get extremely passionate this time, and the clothes are more outlandish than ever. We’re into it. Come join us and share your thoughts!

“Mr. Mom” (1983): A classic comic performance from Michael Keaton.

Finally, it is indeed Father’s Day this weekend, which can be joyous for many and fraught for others. When my dad was alive, he thought it was kind of a stupid, greeting-card holiday; Chris similarly doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but we always like to celebrate him. I’ve been especially grateful for all he does for our family lately, between running errands, shuttling me to my various doctor appointments and just being emotionally supportive in general. Who are your favorite movie dads? Since we’re reminiscing about the ‘80s this week, my first thought was Michael Keaton in “Mr. Mom.” It seemed so groundbreaking in its day: What do you mean the mom goes to work and the dad stays home and takes care of the kids? But this 1983 comedy — which John Hughes wrote, fittingly — was a great showcase for Keaton’s wry delivery and flair for physicality. It’s streaming in various places including Pluto and Prime Video.

Thank you so much for sharing some of your time with me this weekend. I’m so grateful for this little community we’re growing here. If you’ve found value in this week’s newsletter, I’d be honored if you’d share it with a friend. Have a great week, and I’ll see you back here next Saturday.